Entertainingly-Disguised Education

Get your group's attention through my programs, performances and presentations, live or virtual, and watch the insights click on. I’ll perform crowd-pleasing pieces from my existing works or create new ones tailored to your specific needs. My original songs and artwork are also available as books and CD’s.


Something for Everyone
Inspire  your School, Community, Parents, Kids, Teens, Adults or Mixed-Audience event and let learning soak in. Want something unique to your group?  I'll compose-write-draw-produce it for you.

 "Poetic Parenting" program testimonial:

"As a board-certified pediatrician devoted to the care of infants and children for over half a century, my heart has been touched by the wisdom and loving-kindness flowing through Clare Adrian's poetry, prose, music, and theatrical presentations. Her epic and extraordinary body of work offers parents (and grandparents, etc.) the insight, solace and humor sorely needed to raise healthy, loving and confident children."

Edward A. Taub, M.D., 

Fellow of the American Academy Of Pediatrics

Founder of Integrative Medicine

Author, Wellness Pioneer 


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Clare Adrian - also available as pianist, writer, performer, speaker or consultant on uses of Claritivity Productions.