The Blue Bag/Barrel Special

Subject is recycling.

Comedy, Fantasy 10-20 minutes, children all ages

1 f, 1 m, 7 either (10+ additional actors possible)

Play summary: While Chloe naps instead of getting the trash out, she dreams the articles of trash have come to life and are at a fair opening of a new ride, "The Blue Barrel Special." Many containers are disappointed that they don't qualify to get in it, not because of height or age, but because of material composition. So some seek to be repurposed. Chloe wakes from the nap to find her refuse neat, tidy and ready for recycling and all perform the finale rap, "Neat And Tidy."

The play has potential as a community building event. Parents, community, and/or school teachers plus children participate in building the set and making costumes, and children are the performers. Depending on your community's system, the play is adaptable for bag, barrel or bin.

Clare is available as director and producer. 

For booking and pricing Contact Clare.

Script is copyrighted, is the property of Claritivity Productions, and may not be reproduced.


Available for purchase. Set building, costume design, and community building suggestions available upon request.    

"This play should be produced all over the country."

Christine Doerr, Art teach, Unity School, Columbia, MO

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