The Music of it all

Kids songs, adult songs, nature songs, songs of months and days,

Clare's music comes at you in so many varied ways

from ballad to blues, rap to musical,

songs that are sad, happy or fanciful

songs with purpose, songs that stick,

songs that resonate, songs that just click -

Songs individually, in musical play format,

live, on CD, in a book or script

Ahhhh, the music of it all

Have a listen to song samples below:

For the Kids

Goin' to the Doctor

An extended version of "December" from the book, Songs of Months & Days.

Holidays For All

For the #MeToo fringe


Previous Piano Venues:


Pismo Beach, CA

Pangea Bakery Cafe, San Diego, CA

Ratata French Cafe, Los Angeles, CA

Slo Down Pub, Arroya Grande, CA


Pismo Beach, CA

...also in Columbia MO:

Broadway Brewery,


Günter Hans-Artisan Café,


Jack’s Gourmet Restaurant,


Cafe Berlin,


The Vault,


Wine Cellar & Bistro

Yelp piano reviews:

"Throughout the evening Zaia sang french songs and another talented woman played musical standards on the piano."

"There's a darling pianist who plays to her and your hearts' content. She'll take requests, too, but usually does her own thing or a song that Ratata Owner wants to sing. Yes, you'll be serenaded to by the gal who runs the place--musical entertainment on the house...typical Paris."